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Stags Christmas Comp

Monday 4  December was the Stags Christmas competition and lunch. 45 Stags played a par three one club competition before lunch, they played with good humour and enjoyed the challenges posed by that difficult Competition secretary. Before I tell you the result, however, I have been asked to update you on the progress of the Stags rebellion.

 As you all know this happened about 18 months ago when a vote was demanded to withdraw from the aegis of the Stags committee. The vote was won by the rebels by 51 votes to 49.

Well not much has happened since then apart from there being a split in the rebels camp between hard leavers and soft leavers. Negotiations for the initial principles have still not been concluded. Apparently the three initial areas of dispute have been difficult for the rebels to understand or come to any consensus on.

 The first relates to the amount of money the rebels are prepared to pay to compensate the committee for their pensions, long term commitments, and loss of office. Not yet resolved.

 The second relates to the safeguards to be given to our Stags of European descent, like M. Blancmaison, M.Michel le Brun, M. Abbé, M/Jacquesfils etc on how would their handicaps be administered and who would adjudicate in case of a dispute. Not yet resolved.

 The third is perhaps the most difficult and relates to the future of the Four Nations competition, will it be the three and a half nations or will both orange and green be allowed to be worn.Not yet resolved.

 Well it appears that the rebels cannot get their act together at all but as I am merely an observer I cannot comment but I will try to keep you up to date.

 But back to the day itself. Golf was played in various levels of skill, groans and cheers resounding across the greens. But most stags were more keen to get to lunch and sample to free wine on offer.  The meal was preceded by a presentation of flowers to Louise to thank her for all the work she does for the Stags. The meal was followed by a presentation to the winners of the premier Stags event,  the Order of Merit won again this year by the said Michel le Brun, after a nail biting finish to the season. Ron Maudlin finished second and Bernie Ray third. 

 As to the results of the mornings competition these were lost in an alcoholic haze but I think they were as follows

 Merry Christmas(hic)


Robin  Cathcart Richard  Parham Mick  Lloyd 84
Tony Britton Mick  Jephcott Brian Churchill 77
Ron Maudlin Rod  Pickering Bob Duxbury 84
John D Woodward Rod Smith John F Woodward 81
Martin Darbey Terry Devlin Derek Ridley 75
Mike Gilbey Terry Wing Clive Stone 86
Peter Timothy Mike Lovie Len  Bennett 84
Mick Brown Steve  Kenny Colin Yapp 81
Charles McTear Bill Crofts Don Earley 80
Keith James Dick Brown Malcolm Lunn 76
Phil Glendinning Roy Walker Peter Jamieson 76
Nick  Kirby Chris  McHale Colin  Walkey 82
Jim Jobson Geoff Mexson Ron McNally 87
Rick Pedrick Derek Grover Paul  Steward 83
Keith  Borer Paul Turner Alan  Heatley 80
Created: 08-Dec-17 14:52

Stags Stableford

Monday 30th & Tuesday 31st October


This weeks Stableford was very close, all top 3 players came in with the same score of 41 points!

After countback the score board looks like this:

1st Place - Mick Brown

2nd Place - Tony Britton

3rd Place - Ron Maudlin

Congratulations to all 3 winners!

Created: 01-Nov-17 11:19

Stags Stableford

Monday 23rd & Tuesday 24th October


Congratulations to Colin Yapp who topped the score board in this week's Stableford with 42 points

In 2nd Place with 41 points was Mick Brown

In 3rd place was Chris McHale with 38 points


Well done to all the winners!


Created: 25-Oct-17 10:02

Stags Mid Week Stableford

Wednesday 18th October


Congratulations to Paul Steward who after countback was awarded 1st Place with 38 points

In 2nd Place also with 38 points was Ron Maudlin

In 3rd Place with 37 points was Keith Borer


Well done to all the winners!

Created: 20-Oct-17 14:31

Stags Away Day

Wednesday 11 October and the day of the Stags Autumn Away Day. A very cloudy day and a promise of rain around two pm. What better incentive to get the Stags round the golf course quickly! We are playing at Kilworth Springs Premier Golf Club. Now this course has the reputation of being less muddy than some we know and it is rumoured that on a clear day, you can see across to the steppes of Russia, across the whole of Europe. Although there was no rain we did have a cold wind coming across from Europe (is this a sign of things to come!) This made playing conditions challenging and I am afraid to say kept the scores lower than they should be. Although come to think of it, Away day scores are always a lot lower than expected. 

 By the way I suppose it is some time since we had an update on the results of the Stags referendum about 15 months ago.  As most of the avid readers will know this referendum was a chance for the old gits to have a moan about incomers from Essex, too complicated rules and regulations and more prizes for the Stags. Now since this momentous day there has been little progress, the rebels have largely been arguing amongst themselves, trying to decide who will lead them, arguing about what sort of deal they want, trying to choose if they have anyone competent enough to negotiate with the bureaucracy, and releasing statements that all will be better soon and that we will soon have a free reciprocal arrangement with Pyongyang golf club. The bureaucracy meanwhile gets on with trying to do a job of organising competitions, looking after the money and producing meaningful statistics that no one reads or is interested in, and letting in more members from Essex.

 Anyway, back to Kilworth. This, as many know is an easy course to find, provided that you use a map and don't rely on Mrs Chou en Lai on the satnav. I think she got upset that we diverted from her advice immediately and she got annoyed by repeating many times," if possible do a U turn" -  she got her own back however by diverting us through 24 villages whose name I have never heard of, taking us under and over the M6 twenty two times, and deciding that as a perfectly good new road had not been transcribed on to her system, she demanded that we make an immediate U turn. However it was all Tony's fault as if we hadn't added 30 minutes to our journey by going via Cubbington Road we wouldn't have upset her.

 We arrived just in time to enjoy a bacon roll and a sort of potato cake which were delicious. In total 36 Stags plus Ron's son turned up to play this prestigious event. A bit disappointing, I thought, as we have nearly 150 stags now . Ron went out in a three ball so managed to keep broadly in touch with the fourball ahead of him. Charles made a a long trip from Wales, perhaps hoping for another six bottles of wine!, but really to tell us how he was getting on finding a new house in Llandudno, it appears there are no houses left that he has not visited in that town. but he has found a house that suits and hopes to move in in November. He is soon trying out two golf courses in Llandudno and as soon as he has joined one will be inviting us all down for a game.

 Very challenging conditions faced the Stags but this was designed as a day to learn more about the course as we will be playing Kilworth in matches starting next year and we do not want to be embarrassed, or more embarrassed than we normally are. 

 The nearest the pin competition as on the 6th. Now this is a difficult enough hole in good conditions, 140 yards into a crater with bunkers surrounding the hole and steep banks of granite at the back of the hole. However today the wind was very strong and directly into our faces. Charles added three clubs for the wind, took off one club for the slope and still managed to drop short of the bunkers. Mick Lloyd, who had two shots on this hole, indeed he seemed to have two shots on a most of the holes, decided that this was his time. A fairway wood was his choice of club and he hit it gloriously rising up and up, catching the wind and dropping like a stone to finish three feet from the pin. needless to say he missed the putt.

 The longest drive was on the 15th, a bit of a strange one as this is a dog leg hole. When we got to the tee we could not immediately see the marker and suspected it had not been put out. After we played our shots and were walking up the fairway we espied the said marker. Wow, this must have been some shot with a lot of draw. It turned out to be the shot of Mick Brown , no doubt aided by his supportive team mates, he had managed to hit the ball with venom and side spin to reach the position. What will happen when he can walk?

 As I said earlier most of the scores were disappointing, but a few were good in the conditions. Kevin Simmons came fourth with 33 points, ahead on count back from three others on 33, Roy Pickering, who else when cash is involved, and Terry Devlin tied for second place with 35 points, Terry nudging it on count back.  But the winner on the day was  Bernie Ray, that taciturn and quiet man, who will refrain from boasting about this except when Tony is about to putt. 36 points in those conditions was an achievement, worth boasting about, plus please don't Bernie!

 The lunch was good and Mike Gilbey raised £185 for the Captain's Charity with a raffle for a four ball at Sandwell Park.

 There was one other prize, for the bravest round.  This was won by Terry Wing. it was very brave of him to put his card in !! 

 Terry also won the four ball so this is why he is happy in the photo!!!

 Full scores are as follows

                                                                             L9     L6

1 Ray 36 16  
2 T Devlin 35 19  
3 R Pickering 35 16  
4 K Simmons 33 20  
5 T Lee 33 17 13
6 Jephcott 33 17 10
7 R Maudlin 33 15  
8 M Gilbey 32 17  
9 P Pennant 32 11  
10 T Britton 31 16  
11 R Hamilton 31 14 10
12 M Lloyd 31 14 8
13 McNally 31 14 8
14 R Pedrick 31 13  
15 Bradfield 30 17  
16 D Grover 30 16 10
17 N Palmer 30 16 10
18 C Langridge 30 16 9
19 N Burton 30 13  
20 K James 29 13  
21 R Walker 28 17  
22 M Brown 28 14  
23 C McTear 28 14  
24 P Jamieson 28 12  
25 P Steward 28 11  
26 R Cathcart 27 15  
27 J Jobson 27 14  
28 N Kirby 27 14  
29 R Parham 27 11  
30 JD Woodward 26 16  
31 M Durand 24 14  
32 Duxbury 24 11  
33 B Tomalin 22 10  
34 M Lunn 17 9  
35 R Excell 16 8  
36 A Heatley 14 8  
37 T Wing 14 7  
Created: 13-Oct-17 10:37
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