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Stags Medal

Monday 14th & Tuesday 15th August


Congratulations to Ron Maudlin who topped the score board in this months medal with a Nett Score of 67

After countback 2nd place was awarded to Tony Britton also with a Nett Score of 67

With Chris Seeley taking 3rd place with a Nett Score of 68


Well done to all the winners!

Created: 16-Aug-17 13:42

John Reay Trophy

Created: 15-Aug-17 11:05

Stags Mid Term Report

Stags Mid Term Report by Mike Gilbey


We are well into the season now and still undefeated at home!

Results to date are:

Home - Played 9 Won 7 Halved 2

Away - Played 10 - Won 1 Halved 2 Lost 7

So far 35 Stags have played in these games. These are open to all and new volunteers are welcome.

Stags Club Championships

Well done to Mick Brown and Paul Steward for winning the Gross and Nett Stags Club Championships

Away Day

A great Away Day was enjoyed at Brandon despite the rain - and well done to Keith James who came out victorious

John Reay Trophy

This year the trophy was played at Atherstone Golf Club between 10 local clubs each fielding eight players. The best seven scores counting to the total team score. This is considered to be quite a prestigous event!

Atherstone is a very tough course (boasts having the most Ryder cup players having been members). It was also a very wet and windy day so conditions were tough.

As predicted the trophy was won by the Home team. Your Stoneleigh side however were very worthy runners up, which was a great achievement., our team consisting of Martin Darbey, Charles McTear, Ted Jasinski, Robin Whitehouse, Keith Borer, John D Woodward, Geoff Mexon and myself.

We also fielded a second team captained by Mick Lloyd, with fellow players Peter Timothy, Peter Jamieson, Peter Cleary, Jim Jobson, Paul Steward, Mike Lovie and Rod Smith - who all braved the elements and didn’t disgrace themselves on the day

Thanks for the support of all concerned.

September Fixtures

Matches at Home to Feldon Valley, North Warwicks And Hearsall and away to Oakridge and Shirley - not forgetting the usual Medal and Stablefords

We also have a Rumble and Shamble to look forward to, please see the noticeboard for details.

Mike Gilbey

Stags Captain


Created: 09-Aug-17 18:25

Stags Texas Scramble

Fourteen teams competed in the Stags Texas Scramble , all playing off a handicap of between 13 and 14. So very even teams but not so even scores. The winners by 0.5 strokes were the four of Keith James, Clive Stone, John Williams and Ivor Williams, just ahead of Ted Jasinski, Don Early, Roy Walker and Alan Heatley who had the same score but better back 9 to the team of Mick Brown, Peter Jamieson, Bill Crofts and Richard Parham.

 Well done to all the winners.

 Full scores were

POS Player A Player B Player C Player D    
1 K James I Williams C Stone J Williams 69 55.82
2 T Jasinski D Earley R Walker A Heatley 70 56.33
3 M Brown Jamieson B Crofts R Parham 70 56.33
4 M Gilbey D Gabbitas P Cleary R Smith 72 58
5 N Palmer B Tomalin Churchill T Britton 72 58
6 N Kirby L Bennett Roy Pickering M Jephcott 72 58.33
7 M Durand C Yapp J Parham P Steward 72 58.33
8 R Maudlin M Lloyd T Wing     75 59.25
9 Jobson R Pearson JF Woodward P Turner 74 60.33
10 R Whitehouse B Spring J Bradfield D Lawrence 74 60.33
11 P Timothy M Lunn T Devlin C McHale 74 60.5
12 P Glendinning R Duxbury M Lovie B Nutter 76 62.33
13 R Pedrick D Ridley McNally JD Woodward 77 63.5
14 N Burton C Walkey D Brown G Mexson 80 66.72
Created: 01-Aug-17 10:23

Stags Summer Away Day

"What would you expect after a glorious few weeks of unadulterated sunshine, fast running fairways, receptive greens and a date specifically chosen to maximise those benefits.


 Well it was the Stags Summer Away Day and according to certain naysayers amongst the Stags ( I know it is hard to believe that there are any) it always rains on away days. Well this year it did, in spades, but the Stags were well prepared and had come dressed for the occasion. One was even seen dressed in shorts left over from his old BNP days.

 It is also over a year since the rebellion of certain Stags against the committee or Status Quo. Remember a vote was forced and the rebels managed to get 51% of the vote. Well little has happened since of the progress promised. No new money that was promised has come into the Stags, worries about the lack of enough Irishmen to play in the Four Nations have surfaced, the Stags income is being eroded by rising inflation, but anarchy has not quite taken over yet.  Time will tell.

 Back to the Summer Away Day. First it was the worst day of Summer, second there were a few late cry offs but there were 39 stoic, brave, some would say foolish souls ready to contest the rain and the undoubted challenge of the Brandon Wood golf course. Some of course stayed the course for the undoubted pleasure of sampling the wonderful ale and delicious food at the Royal Oak. Some even felt it would have been better to avoid the golf and go straight to the pub. 

 We were joined by a selection of new Stags and novices to the Away Day experience, we hope they enjoyed it and will come again. We cannot promise sun but we can promise good courses, good food, and fine company. There were a couple of good scores and several adequate scores but, as usual, the Stags generally failed to live up to their expectations and recorded some fairly ordinary scores. 

 Mick Brown won the Nearest the Pin and Roy Pickering the longest drive. Terry Wing made a giant leap from his previous performances at Brandon to come third, Tony Lee, a new Stag, came second but the outstanding performance of the day came from the winner Keith James with 39 points, in all that rain. 

More importantly a raffle raises £200 for the Captains Charity. Well done the Stags.


Full results were as follows

  Player Points Back 9 Back 6
1 K James 39    
2 T Lee 35    
3 T Wing 34 18  
4 R Maudlin 34 14  
5 R Pickering 33 19  
6 C Yapp 33 17 12
7 T Jasinski 33 17 9
8 R Whitehouse 33 16  
9 P Steward 32 18 13
10 M Brown 32 18 11
11 JD Woodward 31    
12 D Brown 30 17  
13 N Palmer 30 17  
14 R Smith 30 14  
15 Duxbury 29 17  
16 M Gilbey 29 14  
17 M Jephcott 29 12 9
18 T Britton 29 12 7
19 B Churchill 28    
20 R Walker 27 16  
21 A Heatley 27 14 9
22 R Burton 27 14 8
23 Kirby 27 12  
24 C McTear 27    
25 J Hepstinstall 26 16  
26 K Simmons 26 16  
27 P Turner 26 15  
28 D Crisp 26 11  
29 M Lovie 25 17  
30 M Lunn 25 15  
31 R Pedrick 25 15  
32 R Pearson 24 15  
33 N Burton 23 15  
34 J Bradfield 22 12  
35 Rod  Pickering 22 11  
36 D Gabbitas 20 14  
37 Parham 20 11  
38 G Mexson 19 10  
39 M Lloyd 16 12  
Created: 31-Jul-17 10:35
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