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Stags Christmas Comp & Lunch

Monday 4th December, the date for Stags to show their mettle, battle against the elements, ignore rain, cold and wet ground to battle out for the prestigious title of Stags Christmas Champions. This year chaos reigned, too may options were given to Stags on the day. The course had been closed over the weekend and the weather forecast was dire, however the Par three course was declared open on the morning and instead of insisting that all Stags who entered should turn up the weak, lily livered Competition Secretary gave them an out, and 23 wimpish Stags accepted this way out and only turned up in time for lunch. This left 23 Stags to be reorganised into teams of three and play the competition. Unfortunately in the chaos all rules of fairness went out the window and groups were picked in a more random, less disciplined way leaving some unbalanced groups in terms of handicap.
However it did not rain and everyone who played enjoyed it.

The results on the day were:

1 D Lole D Templeton P Manger 78
2 P Glendinning R Shah R Walker 79
3 K James B Gill D Ridley 80
4 C Yapp M Quinn P Jamieson 80
5 A Brushett P Steward S Cranage 81
6 R Parham D Grover D Spillane 83
7 C Seeley K Riley M Lloyd 84
8     N Palmer M Smith 96


After the competition the wimps turned up and we had an enjoyable Christmas Lunch, enjoyed reading the Captain's Christmas Greeting to all Stags, doing a bit of a quiz and generally baiting the wimps. The presentation of Summer Trophies then took place after a presentation by the Captain to our esteemed Club Secretary. The trophy winners presented on the day were as follows

Ces Dowson Trophy Brodie Aziz
Ken Dunlop Cup Rohit Shah
Seniors over 55 Trophy Roy Walker
Bill Jones Trophy Nick Kirby and Barry Gill
Beere & O'Neill Shield Paul Abbott
Stone Trophy Chris Seeley
Dermot Hurley Trophy England
John Reay Trophy Chris Seeley and Paul Steward
Bill Collier Cup Steve Cranage
3rd Place Order of merit Chris Seeley
2nd Place order of Merit Dave Lole


The Captain then made a presentation to the retiring Competition Secretary who on the basis of this mornings chaos should have been fired a long time ago.


Stags Four Nations

The Stags Four Nations took place on Monday 4th September on the hottest day of the year and summer made a brief appearance. Chaos loomed at the start as two itinerant Welshmen turned up expecting to play having been told the Welsh team was one short in the week by another member of the team. Also our revered Captain arrived saying he was injured and couldn't play for Ireland (somebody said, I thought rather unkindly, that he could not bear to put in another incorrect card) Eventually it was sorted with the two itinerants playing for Wales and a kindly Welsh player agreeing to replace David Templeton in the Irish Team, forgetting that he had to walk to the 14th tee to start. In spite of pleas from the Competition Secretary to keep up with the group in front, a significant gap arose on the back nine and two tees were filled on hole one before they arrived there. One by three Stags (why weren't they in the comp!!) and the other by a two ball. In the end the slow pace set by the Captains enabled all teams to finish within 20 minutes so all was not lost.
In spite of the heat and a bad choice by the Competition Secretary, not expecting such a hot day, enjoyed by all, I think. In the absence of the Captain and Vice Captain the prizes were presented by the aforesaid Comp Sec. Paul Turner (Ireland), Mick Brown (Wales) and David Gibbs (Scotland) won the individual best scores for their country. Julian Westwood (England) won the best overall score and England won the Dermot Hurley Trophy with a best seven score of 267 points.

Team results were as follows

Player Score Top 7   Player Score Top 7
P JAMIESON 34 34   K JAMES 35 35
S Waugh 30 30   J Jobson 31 31
B Aziz 33 33   P Timothy 36 36
C Yapp 30     J Williams 24  
S Douglas 34 34   S Hyland 30  
D Gibbs 36 36   M Brown 37 37
B Crofts 33 33   K Owen 31 31
C Walkey 35 35   A Heatley 31  
R Cathcart 29     A Batchelder 36 36
P Miller 28     G Mathias 32 32
TOTAL TOP 7   235   TOTAL TOP 7   238
Player Score Top 7   Player Score Top 7
D LOLE 39 39   R MAUDLIN 35 35
M Smith 33     P Turner 38 38
A Brushett 37 37   M Darbey 32  
B Griffin 38 38   M Quinn 35 35
M Gilbey 34     C McHale 37 37
R Fennell 34     R Parham 32  
M Lunn 36 36   R McNally 35 35
R Walker 38 38   R Pickering 34 34
M Lloyd 39 39   P Abbott 38 38
J Westwood 40 40   N Burton 29  
TOTAL TOP 7   267   TOTAL TOP 7   252

Ces Dowson Trophy

A good turnout for the Ces Dowson Trophy on Monday 19th June with 16 teams competing for the trophy. A collection taken after the event raised some money to buy a new car battery for Phil Glendinning whose car would not start and left David Gibbs, Paul Steward and Jim Jobson as a very slow three ball!

The pace of play was not good with gaps developing between groups , the first three groups were all in in under 4 hours, but there was a considerable wait until all groups were in and scores put on machine. 

The course had had a lot of rain over Sunday but was in great condition and good scores were expected. However there were not as good as last year. In third place with 128 points were Alan Heatley, Malcolm Lunn, Terry Devlin and Ron McNally, in second place with Nick Kirby, who had £5 prised out of him before the start as he had forgotten? to pay his Stags fee, Julian Westwood, Bandit Bill and Trevor Sidaway. However the winners by just one shot were Steve Arthurton, Roger Pearson, Rick Fennell and Brodie Aziz. Congratulations to the winners

I am off to listen to Boris getting his just desserts, lying ........

Scores on the day were


1 S Arthurton B Aziz R Fennell R Pearson
2 T Sidaway N Kirby B Griffin J Westwood
3 M Lunn R McNally T Devlin A Heatley
4 M Jones S Taylor L Dobbins J Antcliffe
5 N Palmer K James A Brushett J Gallagher
6 T Wing JD Astle B Crofts R Brown
7 D Ridley R Pickering P Abbott P Turner
8 M Lovie R Cathcart N Burton M Quinn
9 S Hyland R Shah G Watts M Lloyd
10 R Whitehouse R Maudlin C McHale P Jamieson
11 D Grover M Broiwn C Yapp A Batchelder
12 P Timothy M Gilbey S Waugh K Owen
13 R Parham B Ray M Jephcott T Britton
14 D Templeton B Gill T McDonald M Smith
15 D Gibbs P Steward P Glendenning J Jobson
16 JF Woodward JD Woodward R Walker N Mucklow

Stags Championship 2023

The Stags Championship took place over two rounds in early June. It was not a great turnout, only 39 stags played in the first round and 32 in the second round. In fact I was wondering if anyone would turn up for the second round as 7 Stags had to drop out on Sunday. Now medal play off the white tees is a true test of golf, but prone to some high scores when played by Stags. although the ground was hard and the ball rolling well, normally a help for Stags, the greens were fast and not holding Stags low running shots into the green. However over the two rounds there were two outstanding rounds, a nett 65 from Roy Walker in round one and a nett 66 in round two from Chris Seeley.

The winner of the Gross competition and Stags Champion golfer was Rohit Shah with Chris McHale runner up. Roy Walker kept his nerve and won the nett trophy comfortably with Bill Griffin as runner up and Derek Grover in third place.

The Captain David Templeton presented the trophies to the winning Stags

Congratulations to all the winners.

Full results of the two rounds are as follows



Nett Championship


Gross Championship

    Round 1 Round 2 Total         Round 1 Round 2 Total
1 Roy Walker 65 72 137   1 Rohit Shah   88 86 174
2 Bill Griffin 73 73 146   2 Chris McHale   91 90 181
3 Derek Grover 70 78 148   3 Chris Seely   101 82 183
4 Rohit Shah 75 73 148   4 Mick Brown   93 90 183
5 Peter Manger 77 72 149   5 Richard Parham   93 91 184
6 Barry Gill 77 73 150   6 Bill Griffin   92 92 184
7 Philip Youett 77 73 150   7 Ronald Maudlin   92 92 184
8 Richard Parham 76 74 150   8 Derek Grover   89 97 186
9 Chris Seely 85 66 151   9 David Lole   94 92 186
10 Chris McHale 76 75 151   10 Brodie Aziz   91 97 188
11 Ronald Maudlin 76 76 152   11 Philip Youett   96 92 188
12 Paul Steward 74 79 153   12 Peter Manger   98 93 191
13 Peter Jamieson 76 77 153   13 David Templeton   103 89 192
14 Mick Brown 78 75 153   14 Robin Whitehouse   94 99 193
15 David Lole 78 76 154   15 Roy Walker   94 101 195
16 Roger Burton 76 79 155   16 Paul Steward   95 100 195
17 Paul Abbott 80 76 156   17 Michael Quinn   95 100 195
18 Michael Quinn 76 81 157   18 Neville Burton   102 94 196
19 Brodie Aziz 76 82 158   19 Michael Jephcott   97 99 196
20 Derek Ridley 77 81 158   20 Roger Burton   97 100 197
21 Michael Jephcott 78 80 158   21 Barry Gill   102 98 200
22 James Bradfield 76 83 159   22 Rick Fennell   99 102 201
23 Robin Whitehouse 78 83 161   23 Paul Abbott   103 99 202
24 John Astle 83 78 161   24 John Astle   105 100 205
25 David Templeton 88 74 162   25 Neil Mucklow   103 104 207
26 Rick Fennel 80 83 163   26 Nigel Palmer   100 108 208
27 Neil Mucklow 81 82 163   27 Peter Jamieson   104 105 209
28 Michael Lloyd 80 84 164   28 Tim McDonald   104 105 209
29 Neville Burton 86 78 164   29 Derek Ridley   104 108 212
30 Tim McDonald 82 83 165   30 James Bradfield   106 113 219
31 Nigel Palmer 80 88 168   31 Michael Lloyd   109 113 222
32 Richard Brown 87 81 168   32 Richard Brown   115 109 224


Stags Charity Day

" On a warm but windy May day the major charity event of the Stags year took place with 16 teams competing in a four ball competition plus a yellow ball competition. The Stags were as generous as normal and had sponsored holes, provided terrific raffle prizes, donated prizes for 29 individual hole competitions and provided the winning team's prizes. This meant that all the money raised went to the charity. Hamilton Bland of past swimming fame was there for the prizegiving and gave a short run through of the main aims of the Charity. In addition two items were auctioned and raised £135 plus another £100 was raised with a roll up initiated by Dave Lawrence. In total £2285.21 (don't ask why 21p) was raised for the Coventry and Warwickshire Children's fund. The winners of the yellow ball challenge were Alan Batchelder, Robin Cathcart, Derek Grover and Colin Yapp. Runners up in the main competition were Trevor Sidaway, Alan Heatley, Robin Whitehouse and David Spillane and the winners were the team of Steve Arthurton, Roy Pickering, Nick Kirby and Barry Gill. My thanks to all the Stags who contributed seed money, prizes, who bought raffle tickets and who played in the competition and kept up the tradition of generosity raising over £2000 again for the years Charity.

Results of the competition, hole prize winners and raffle prize winners are all detailed below.

S Arthurton R Pickering N Kirby B Gill 149  
T Sidaway A Heatley R Whitehouse D Spillane 148  
K James M Smith M Quinn T Britton 140  
C Langbridge S Cranage N Burton D Lawrence 138  
A Batchelder R Cathcart D Grover C Yapp 136  
A Brushett P Jamieson D Gibbs P Abbott 135 74
M Darbey T Wing R Parham J Astle 135 69
S Douglas R Deeth B Ray N Mucklow 131  
D Templeton B Spring B Griffin P Steward 130  
R Maudlin R Brown C Obber S Carvill 129  
M Gilbey M Lunn     K Owen 128  
S Hyland J Gallagher G Watts R McNally 125  
B Aziz J Hayman S Waugh N Palmer 121  
P Timothy M Lloyd D Lole T Devlin 120 67
C McHale C Walkey J Jobson P Youett 120 65



Hole Hole Winners Name
1 Nearest the pin in 2 PETER TIMOTHY
2 Nearest the pin in 3 Over 24 handicap BARRY GILL
2 Nearest the pin in 2 BILL GRIFFIN
3 Nearest the pin in 3 TERRY DEVLIN
3 Longest drive PHIL YOUETT
4 Nearest the pin in 4 over 75 years ROBIN WHITEHOUSE
4 Nearest the pin in 3 MIKE GILBEY
5 Nearest the pin in 3 JIM JOBSON
6 Nearest the pin MIKE GILBEY
7 Longest drive over 70 years PETER TIMOTHY
7 Longest Drive ALAN BRUSHETT
8 Nearest the pin in 2 ALAN BRUSHETT
9 Nearest the pin over 18 handicap STEVE CARVILL
9 Nearest the Pin STEVE CARVILL
10 Shortest drive over the River RON MCNALLY
10 Longest Drive STEVE CARVILL
11 Nearest the Pin STEVE ARTHURTON
11 Nearest the pin over 24 handicap COLIN WALKEY
12 Nearest the pin in 3 over 80 years NEV BURTON
12 Nearest the pin in 2 STEVE ARTHURTON
13 Nearest the pin DEREK GROVER
13 Nearest the pin over 70 DEREK GROVER
14 Longest Drive over 24 handicap TERRY WING
14 Longest drive STEVE ARTHURTON
15 Nearest the pin BERNIE RAY
16 Nearest the pin in 3 DAVID SPILLANE
17 Nearest the pin BERNIE RAY
18 Nearest the pin in 2 TREVOR SIDAWAY
18 Nearest the pin in 3 over 70 years ALAN HEATLEY


Raffle Prizes Winners Name
£75 Equipment Voucher STEVE CRANAGE
£75 Equipment Voucher ALAN BRUSHETT
£75 Equipment Voucher JOHN CORCORAN
Carvery Voucher PETER JAMIESON
Ramsey Jumper KEITH OWEN
Four Ball Voucher Bromsgrove DAVID SPILLANE
Four Ball Voucher Windmill ROBIN CATHCART
Four Ball Voucher Handsworth BARRY NUTTER
Voucher for golf lesson KEITH OWEN
Box of ProV1 balls DEREK GROVER
Box of Zstar balls BARRY GILL
Box of SD15 balls PETER MANGER
Bottle of Piper heidsic Champagne TERRY DEVLIN
Bottle of Mumm Champagne MICHAEL QUINN
Botlle of Whisky STEVE HYLAND
Botlle of Whisky DAVID LAWRENCE
Botlle of Whisky BARRY SPRING
Botlle of Whisky PHIL YOUETT
Bottle of Whisky JOHN D WOODWARD
Botlle of Wine Glass DEREK RIDLEY
Mens Vanity Case ROB DEETH
Case of guiness PAUL ABBOTT
Box of Srixon ad333 balls ROY WALKER
Bottle of Malbec DAVE LOLE
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