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Stags Spring Away Day

"It has not rained for months and one sure way of guaranteeing rain is to have a Stags Spring away day, especially if it is held in Leicestershire. And sure enough the groundkeepers wish (have you seen him doing the rain dance each afternoon about 6pm?) came true or at least in did in Ullesthorpe.


36 brave souls turned up even though the forecast was constant rain with intermittent storms. A lot of moaning but that is not unusual for Stags. To satisfy one of the Stags family commitments we sent him out first and unfortunately it was a three ball. According to them they finished an hour and ten minutes ahead of the next group who had been affected by an equipment malfunction (as well as a wimpish Stag) and two of that group had to share the task of pushing the wimp's trolley for the last nine holes. I think he must have had lead bars in the bag.

We were blessed by the appearance of the bard although his golf has deteriorated since he left for Llandudno but it was great to see him and it is a pity he is still not writing these reports.

We started with superb bacon rolls and good coffee and high anticipation tempered by a concern that the wetware may not be sufficient for what was coming.

However general good humour persisted, or perhaps it was gallows humour! The course was wet, something we haven't seen for weeks and long with many very long par fours. Scoring was therefore not brilliant. Persistent rain for our opening nine holes, was followed by a break in the rain when wet ware was discarded and the sun hoped for. The "dry" lasted about three holes before the wind got up, black clouds enveloped the skies, and really heavy rain started which caused all the Stags to re-don wet ware and run for the trees. This was the clearing up shower and later groups were able to dry out a bit in the late afternoon sun.

The lunch was served on a rolling basis and was coq au vin and al dente vegetables. Our resident master chef refuted the claim that it was coq au vin as evidently the coq had not been marinated in red wine for the appropriate time. You get all sorts!!

Prize giving followed with the nearest the pin won by Mick Brown, longest drive (the marker found after most Stags third shot) was won by Martin Darbey. In fourth place with 32 points was Jim Jobson, third was Bernie Ray with better back 3, second was basher Darbey with better back 9 and the winner with 33 points was Rohit Shah who also won the Bill Collier Cup, the first time it had been played for for four years.

The prizes were presented by a Past Stags Captain, the estimable John D Woodward. Now many of the more recent Stags may not know that John was a captain as his photo is not displayed in the rogue's gallery in the Changing Rooms. This is because John is notably shy and does not like his photo taken in case he is mistaken for Dorian Gray. We are attempting to rectify this so watch this space (or indeed the rogues gallery)


Scores on the day were as follows

Position Player Total Back nine Back three
1 R Shah 33    
2 M Darbey 32 18  
3 B Ray 32 16 4
4 J Jobson 32 16 3
5 T Devlin 32 12  
6 K James 31 16  
7 M Gilbey 31 14  
8 M Brown 30 19  
9 P Youett 30 16  
10 A Batchelder 30 15  
11 S Bryan 30 12  
12 P Turner 29 17  
13 B Griffin 29 15  
14 R McNally 28 14  
15 R Parham 28 12  
16 P Steward 27 16  
17 D Brown 27 14  
18 R Whitehouse 27 11  
19 J Westwood 26 13  
20 P Jamieson 25 18  
21 N Burton 25 13  
22 D Lole 25 12  
23 D Templeton 25 12  
24 M Lunn 25 11  
25 R Maudlin 24 10  
26 D Gibbs 24    
27 J Gallagher 23 13  
28 M Lloyd 23 13  
29 N Palmer 21 9  
30 T Wing 20 9  
31 JD Woodward 19 11  
32 C McTear 16 8  
33 R Pedrick 12 6  
34 J Astle NR    
35 T Britton NR    
36 W Feely NR    
Created: 16-May-22 14:54

Stags Captain vs Past Captain

On Monday 25th April the annual match between the Stags Captain's team and the Past Captain's team took place on a warm, dry but a little windy day. Each team had 11 pairs, so there were 11 matches, each comprising 6 mini matches. The opening two matches off the front nine and the opening match on the back nine made good time , but then there was a substantial gap as the next group followed the Stags adage of keeping up with the group behind and not the group in front. (and Ron was not even in the country!)

It was a good contest and the good weather allowed most of the competitors to wait together on the patio for the final result and presentation. The winner, out of the hat, for a fourball at Handsworth was the Captain, David Gibbs, and the winner of the bottle of wine was Steve Waugh, his winter and summer pairs partner. (it's all getting a bit like Westminster!!)

The winning team by 7 matches and 34.5 mini matches to 4 matches and 31.5 mini matches was the Captains team and the trophy was presented to David by Past Captain Dave Lole (see photo).

A total of £220 was raised for the Captain's Charity. Thanks to all who played.

Full results were

D Gibbs M Gilbey 1.5 0 D Lole N Burton 4.5 1
R Whitehouse M Brown 3 0.5 R Shah C McHale 3 0.5
S Hyland A Brushett 3 0.5 P Timothy K James 3 0.5
B Aziz D Grover 3.5 1 M Quinn S Waugh 2.5 0
N Palmer J Westwood 3.5 1 A Batchelder JD Woodward 2.5 0
R McNally M Smith 3.5 1 P Jamieson W Feely 2.5 0
P Youett K Owen 2.5 0 M Jephcott R Parham 3.5 1
J Jobson B Crofts 4 1 T Devlin K Borer 2 0
P Abbott P Turner 4 1 N Mucklow P Steward 2 0
R Pickering J Bradfield 3.5 1 A Heatley D Ridley 2.5 0
M Lunn J Gallagher 2.5 0 R Cathcart M Lloyd 3.5 1
        34.5 7         31.5 4
Created: 26-Apr-22 11:40

Stags Christmas Lunch

The Stags Christmas competition and lunch was held on Monday 6th December. The weather was not particularly good with intermittent rain and a cold wind which meant not everyone played in the annual competition. However quite a few hardy souls braved the elements and played a "mystery competition", with one club each on the Par three course, in teams of three. Everyone enjoyed the competition and and awaited the results with much anticipation. Lunch was taken, punctuated by some derision at the standard of questions in the annual quiz, all about 2021, this did not take away the attention from the traditional Christmas lunch and anecdotes about Stags golf, matches, individual shots and the normal rubbish spoken of when Stags gather together. No table managed all the correct answers in the quiz, which is not surprising as they were all about 2021 which is hard on our memories. Fortunately all of the non players returned for lunch so we were 49 in total. Before lunch the results of the competition were announced and prizes awarded. In last place, and probably the slowest, were Ron "Dawdlin" Maudlin, Robin Cathcart and Wilf Feely. In first place, eventually after an administrative slip by the ageing and increasingly incompetent Competition Secretary, were David Gibbs, Tim McDonald and David Spillane. Well done to all who played. Lunch was followed by the presentation of trophies for the summer. Before these were presented a special presentation was made to Peter Manger and Tim McDonald who had won the Winter League in 2019 and 2020 without receiving a trophy. A special trophy was forged for them to stop their complaining and presented to them by past Captain Paul Steward. Trophies were then presented to Nigel Palmer , for winning the Stags Nett Championship and the Order of Merit, to Dave Lole for winning the Stags Summer Singles and with David Templeton, the Winter League, to Rob Deeth for jointly winning the Summer Eclectic, David Spillane for coming third in the Order of Merit and to Keith James for winning the Autumn Away Day.

A well deserved presentation of flowers and chocolates was made to Louise by the Stags Captain and Derek Ridley presented the ageing and increasingly incompetent Competition Secretary with a couple bottles of fine wine. It is wondered by many how long incompetence can sustain itself in power.

In spite of all this a great time was had by all.

Created: 07-Dec-21 11:15

Stags Away Day

Away days resumed for the Stags with the Autumn Away day held at the Hollywood Golf Club near Withall. This club had recently changed its name from Gay Hill, which I guess is an illustration of how language changes over time. PG Wodehouse, whose characters often enjoyed gay times, would be turning in his grave. This Away Day, the first since the result of that infamous vote of 2016 came to fruition, was beset by shortages. Shortages of Stags with only 36 attending, shortages of pigs for the supply of bacon, shortages of good scores but thankfully no shortage of generosity as a raffle after the game raised £210 for the Captain's Charity.

The weather started gloomily with a touch of mizzle developing which soaked the course and made shot length for some Stags quite difficult. Thankfully the weather improved and a glimpse of the sun was spotted by some Stags. The course was a delight, however, with lots of hidden traps, a surfeit of streams, loads of bunkers, and plenty of trees to get behind, but also plenty of opportunities to get a good score on a hole. As usual there was a range of scores with a few returning decent scores and many not!

Keith James was victorious, on count back from Keith Borer. Phil Youett won the longest drive by some yards and Malcolm Lunn, the nearest to the pin. Well done to all of them.

Full scores were as follows


Points Back 9

1 Keith James 36 19
2 Keith Borer 36 17
3 Alan Batchelder 35 20
4 Ron Maudlin 35 16
5 Bill Griffin 35 15
6 Phil Youett 34 21
7 Mick Brown 34 18
8 Nick Kirby 34 16
9 Tony Britton 34 14
10 Rohit Shah 32 13
11 Rick Pedrick 31 16
12 Steve Arthurton 31 16
13 Jim Bradfield 30 15
14 Mike Gilbey 29 16
15 Alan Heatley 29 15
16 Richard Parham 29 12
17 Nigel Palmer 27 14
18 John D Woodward 27 11
19 Rick Fennell 27 11
20 Ron McNally 27 11
21 Clive Stone 27 9
22 Martin Darbey 26 16
23 Mick Jephcott 26 13
24 Robin Whitehouse 26 11
25 Malcolm Lunn 25 11
26 David Templeton 24 15
27 Robin Cathcart 24 13
28 Derek Ridley 23 12
29 Roy Walker 23 10
30 Bernie Ray 22 10
31 Nev Burton 22 7
32 Paul Steward 20 10
33 Mike Lovie 19 13
34 Mick Lloyd 18 11
35 Keith Owen 18 9
36 Peter Jamieson 17 7
Created: 14-Oct-21 11:30

Stags Four Nations

The Stags Four Nations tournament was played on Monday 13th September. Unfortunately the participation was down this year and only 34 playing eventually in the competition. However we were blessed with no rain, which had been forecast and some good scores were posted, with most participants wearing team colours. It was good to have the opportunity of playing and chatting afterwards with different players and lunch when it finally arrived was wholesome.

 Congratulations to the eventual winners, by a significant margin of 33 points, Ireland reclaiming the trophy they last held three years ago. Congratulations also to the individual team winners.

 Full results were as follows

M LOVIE 26            
P TURNER 35 35   K JAMES 39 39 1st
R PEDRICK 36 36   A HEATLEY 35 35  
D GROVER 35 35   K OWEN 30 30  
R CATHCART 30 30   JD WOODWARD 33 33  
R DEETH 31 31   A BATCHELDER 39 39  
C WALKEY 38 38 1st N PALMER 30 30  
R SHAH 34 34   B CROFTS 35 35  
T JASINSKI 35 35   G MATHIAS 29 29  
  TOTAL TOP 8     274     TOTAL TOP 8     270  
T BRITTON 35 35   K BORER 38 38  
M LUNN 36 36   C McHALE 33 33  
M LLOYD 22 22   W FEELY 45 45  1st
R WHITEHOUSE 37 37 1st R MAUDLIN 35 35  
B RAY 37 37   P STEWARD 30    
C STONE 33 33   N BURTON 37 37  
L BENNETT 32 32   T DEVLIN 37 37  
M GILBEY 36 36   S GREGORY 37 37  
        R PARHAM 44 44  
  TOTAL TOP 8     268     TOTAL TOP 8     306  
Created: 14-Sep-21 15:09
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