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Stags Medal

Monday 15th & Tuesday 16th October


Congratulations to Brain Shaw who took top spot with a Nett Score of 67

Created: 17-Oct-18 13:54

Stags Autumn Away Day

It only takes a little distraction to affect one's golf I have found. It may be noise from an adjacent tee, slow play from the group in front, a painful tooth or something more major. Now since June 2016 my golf has been awful and I have been trying to work out what it is that has been affecting it. It may be that it was coincidental with some major event or it may be something trivial like a long e mail from Clive Stone extolling  the virtues of Boris, Govey and the mad doctor. In any event it has affected my golf very badly and when I want to talk about it with fellow golfers on the course , I find few like minded souls who have much sympathy with me. Indeed, when I have made reference in previous Away day reports to a contemporaneous event I have been asked by one or two Stags for the right to reply. As I told them then, they can write the next report themselves, but they soon lose interest. And that seems to be happening more generally now. Faced with events that may affect our future golf prospects (see Summer Away day Report) we seem to be sleepwalking into a self inflicted disaster. However maybe the march on Saturday will change things.But I can't see my golf improving much in the short term. 

 This however does not seem to affect other Stags, many of whom are still playing like 20 year olds. A case in point is Dawdlin. Now he is showing remarkable consistency and has challenged for most trophies this year. In spite of being put last out (to avoid upsetting those following him) off the tenth tee, he seems to continually do well. Maybe it is because he does not drink!!  But that is a big price to pay.

 A case in point was the day out in the Cotswolds last Wednesday. A beautiful sunny day amongst the rolling hills outside Broadway on a course in splendid condition with greens that demanded far more skill than I had, he pulled off yet another win to cement his hold on this year's Order of Merit.

 39 Stags  and friends turned up to play and it was a gorgeous autumn day, so good that the Bard came back from wet Wales to play, however disappointed he was not to play off his welsh handicap.

 Now there are three holes on the front nine at Broadway that bear comparison with any and it was surprising that one of them was chosen as nearest the pin. The 5th is downhill about 180 yards with steep banks on both sides of the green and trees and heavy rough surrounding it.   I have to say I wondered whether any one would get on the green, but one of our bandits managed it and took the nearest the pin prize. Well done to Phil Youett. 

 The other Mr Consistency won the nearest the pin in two shots and managed to come in second overall followed by Mike Gilbey in third place. Neither could get close to Dawdlin however.

 Now I have said before that the numbers attending away days this year has fallen off and this is disappointing, so next year we are dropping one and will see if numbers improve. These away days are also getting a bit dearer so start saving for next years now.

 Full results for the Away day were as follows.  The photos, by the way, are courtesy of Tony Britton and the fellow in the shirt is our very own VC.


POS Player Total Back 9
1 Maudlin 38  
2 K James 35 21
3 M Gilbey 35 15
4 Whitehouse 34  
5 P Youett 33 15
6 McTear 33 13
7 P Jamieson 32 16
8 McNally 32 14
9 C Langbridge 31 15
10 K Borer 31 14
11 Parham 30 15
12 Walker 30 13
13 B Ray 29 16
14 C McHale 28 17
15 N Burton 28 14
16 P Turner 27 15
17 M Brown 27 14
18 P Steward 27 14
19 N Kirby 27 12
20 C Yapp 27 9
21 Pickering 26 13
22 T Britton 26 12
23 B Griffin 25 14
24 J Bradfield 25 9
25 Hamilton 24 16
26 M Jephcott 24 15
27 Cathcart 24 13
28 P Manger 24 12
29 M Lunn 23 14
30 N Palmer 22 12
31 JF Woodward 22 12
32 M Lovie 22 7
33 Spillane 20 11
34 Smith 20 6
35 M Lloyd 19 11
36 T Devlin 17 9
37 J Gallagher 16 9
38 A Heatley 16 9




Created: 16-Oct-18 11:42

Stags Stableford

Monday 8th & Tuesday 9th October


Congratulations to Dick Brown who topped the leader board this week with a great score of 43 points

In 2nd Place with 42 points was Bernie Ray

3rd Place was decided on count back and awarded to Colin Walkey


Well done to all the winners!

Created: 10-Oct-18 11:20

Stags vs Ladies Tee Times

Thursday 4th October


Tee Time Player A Player B Player C Player D
1st Tee 9.00 R Perry 20 D Grover 18 M Lloyd 25 A Lloyd 30
1st Tee 9.08 R Whitehouse 14 D Partridge 21 P Jamieson 22 V Jamieson 36
1st Tee 9.16 P Manger 19 R Hamilton 24 A Whitehouse 31 Di Grover 30
1st Tee 9.24 K James 12 J Williams 27 L Johnson 28 I Fardon 36
10th Tee 9.00 P Timothy 12 C Walkey 25 A Chappell 29 O Gallagher 36
10th Tee 9.08 M Gilbey 14 D Spillane 25 L Price 29 B Burton 36
10th Tee 9.16 P Steward 19 M Lovie 22 C Turner 31 M Horner 36
10th Tee 9.24 P Abbott 18 P Youett 24 C Ritchie 32 C Stamper 35
Created: 27-Sep-18 10:08

Stags Shrumble

Monday 24th September

Results as follows:

Pos Player A Player B Player C Player D Score Back  9
1 R Whitehouse K Borer C McTear C Walkey 135 69
2 R Maudlin N Burton T Wing D Spillane 132 71
3 B Ray R Hamilton J Bradfield B Spring 131 77
4 A Brushett P Steward R Parham M Lunn 131 68
5 T Britton B Nutter F Rounthwaite L Bennett 131 68
6 T Jasinski M Jephcott C Nimmo Rod Pickering 130 73
7 K James P Turner J Hayman R Cathcart 128 66
8 P Timothy R Walker P Jamieson J Jobson 127 71
9 M Gilbey P Abbott M Lovie  M Lloyd 124 66
10 N Kirby D Grover JF Woodward B Churchill 123 57
11 C Yapp P Glendinning C Stone     121 69
Created: 25-Sep-18 09:28
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