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On Monday May 20th 2024 we gathered for Captains Day, the major fundraising event of the year for the Captains Charity.

The weather forecast the previous week had threatened Scattered Showers but as the day drew closer the forecast improved.  So for the second event in a row (after the Away Day) we didn't have any rain. 
Everyone gathered, collecting their cards in the time honoured fashion, with the last to arrive picking up the card and getting to be the marker. Neil Mcklow turned up in plenty of time to avoid this task only to find the rest of his team had already been at the course an hour putting out the markers - sorry Neil!!
For a while, early on in our rounds, there were some threatening clouds around, but by the end we were playing in the sunshine. So everyone was able to sit out on the patio, maybe for the first time this year!
As everyone arrived back from around the course cards were handed back in and of course the Yellow Balls, or not in some cases. Seven groups returned their balls, 4 returned with varying tales of woe including one team who lost theirs on their second hole played, though to be fair it was the 18th!! and one team returned a yellow ball proudly to be told it had miraculously changed from Kirkland to Taylor Made during the course of the round. No extra marks for initiative though, you have to return the ball you were given!
So once we had all the marker boards back from the course prizes were awarded. 
Paul Steward was presented with the Tee Marker from the hole he sponsored (after he had said he had been looking to see his name and hadn't seen it!!)
Putting together the day emphasised just how much our former Competition Secretary put into this event every year for 14 years, much appreciation from me for the help and guidance he now provides in the background. Though with the burden of organization removed Richard thrived, winning 3 nearest the pin prizes and one longest drive.
He was also a member of the Runners Up Team of Steve Hyland, Roy Pickering, Tim Mcdonald & Richard Parham.
There might be some questions though with the winning team including the Captain, Handicap Secretary, Competition Secretary! The competition was won by Neil Mcklow, David Spillane, Dave Lole & Mike Smith, who also won the Yellow Ball competition
A bottle of wine was also presented to the highest Stableford score on the day which went to the Captain, David Spillane. Though he might regret carding that in the presence of the Handicap Secretary!!
The raffle was drawn and prizes distributed, I am learning in my role at the moment and apologize that I didn't keep a note of all the winners - that will be remedied next year.!
The day was a major fundraiser towards the Captains Charities, Pulmonary Fibrosis Trust and Grub & Gab.
After Monday the total raised so far in 2024, including Easter Egg Raffle, Thank God its Over & Capt v Past Captain Comps stands at £2205 with a couple of contributions still outstanding.
So well done everyone as Richard always used to say it is amazing the generosity of the Stags, thank you again for all of the donations, sponsorship etc it certainly makes for a great day and we continue the tradition of the Stags being a major contributor to the Captains Charities each year.
Results on the day were as follows
Team Score Yellow Ball
N Mucklow D Spillane D Lole M Smith 134 40
S Hyland R Pickering T McDonald R Parham 126 29
B Gill R Maudlin D Grover R Shah 125 31
P Youett R Whitehouse S Postlethwaite A Heatley 123 14
C McHale B Crofts C Seeley P Manger 122 29
B Aziz D Duggan A Brushett S Gregory 122 1
K Owen D Gibbs K James D Brown 121 13
P Abbot M Lloyd J Westwood N Palmer 119 32
M Gilbey E Bird R Cathcart M Lunn 116 31
T Devlin P Steward R McNally B Nutter 116 30
B Griffin J Jobson P Murphy M Quinn 113 6
P Turner D Templeton S Cranage B Ray 109 22
Nearest the Pin and Longest Drives
Hole Competition Winner
1 Nearest the pin in 3 over 70 years Richard Parham
1 Nearest the pin in 2 Tim Mcdonald
2 Nearest the pin in 3. Handicap 21 & over Paul Abbott
2 Nearest the pin in 2 Barry Gill
3 Nearest the pin in 3  Bill Crofts
3 Longest drive  David Gibbs
4 Nearest the pin in 4 over 75 years Richard Parham
4 Nearest the pin in 3 Richard Parham
5 Longest drive  over 18 handicap Barry Gill
5 Nearest the pin in 3 Mike Gilbey
6 Nearest the pin Mike Gilbey
7 Longest drive over 70 years Richard Parham
7 Longest Drive  David Templeton
8 Nearest the pin in 2 No Winner
8 Nearest the pin in 3 over 75 Keith Owen
9 Nearest the pin over 18 handicap Keith Owen
9 Nearest the Pin Bill Griffin
10 Shortest drive over the River Ron Maudlin
10 Longest Drive Chris Seeley
11 Nearest the Pin Phil Youett
11 Nearest the Pin,  Handicap 21 & over Roy Pickering
12 Nearest the pin in 3 over 80 years Paul Turner
12 Nearest the pin in 2 David Templeton
13 Nearest the pin David Gibbs
13 Nearest the pin over 70 Mick Llloyd
14 Longest Drive, Handicap 21 & over Steve Cranage
14 Longest drive Phil Youett
15 Nearest the pin Steve Gregory
16 Nearest the pin in 3 Robin Whitehouse
17 Nearest the pin  No Winner
18 Nearest the pin in 2 Steve Hyland
18 Nearest the pin in 3 over 70 years Keith James
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