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After all those years when the summer away day was affected by rain which caused a lot of moaning, what happened this year?  It didn’t rain. But did this stop the moaning; no, it was too hot! Well it was the hottest day of the year and the course was fairly brown,but with very green greens. Is that why they are called greens. However you would not have thought it too hot if you had watched Charles McTear playing. I think he plays all year round in the same outfit, long trousers, short sleeve shirt and short sleeve sweater. He doesn’t feel the cold or heat evidently. 

 We were at Rugby Golf Club but there were only 31 Stags which is a really poor turnout and one wonders if we can continue like this especially as next year we may have to have stockpiled spam fritters for lunch. 

 Why is this? It is because next year we will have fulfilled the wish of the majority of the Stags and taken back control, avoided paying out billions and reduced bureaucracy. But surely this is wonderful, isn’t it, as we can safely leave and trust the  control execised by Boris, William, Liam and Mikey and their mates, the millions we won’t be paying out will be swallowed up by lower tax returns as GDP falls catastrophically (on second thoughts we will be paying out billions so that will be even better) and British bureaucracy is bound to be better than Johnny Foreigner bureaucracy . So we have a great deal to look forward to, don’t we. 

 But I am still a bit worried about organising an away day with Spam fritters for lunch, even if they come from Trumpland. But all the golf courses, or the few that are left after the others have been turned over to carrot production, will probably be owned by Trump. 

 Oh don’t let me get sidetracked by Brexit and Trump, or I might have to kill myself before finishing this report.

 Back to the Stags, even if they set me off on this rant: so we had only 31 and one had to finish after nine holes, another after 14 holes and unfortunately there had been rumours about the course which stopped some other Stags coming.

 I think the course was challenging with some very good holes, a few too many par threes, especially the ones I blobbed, and a bit too much criss crossing. However the greens were in great condition and whilst the course was not the best we have played, it was good and better than some we have visited. A few thought it was excellent and returned scores not seen on Away Days usually and we had two newish Stags on the Away Day so welcome to Stu Bryan and Joe Gallagher.

 We started with a great Bacon Roll , a hash brown and coffee, and cold bottles of water on the first tee was a nice gesture on this very hot day. The first has a forbidding first shot, completely blind. The course is not particularly long, with no long walks from green to tee, so it could have been a very quick round if you weren’t playing behind Tony and Paul. Rumours started fairly soon that someone was very very slowly burning up the course with an alleged 25 points on the front nine. This is quite unbelievable considering he can’t putt at Stoneleigh.

 After a very nice light lunch, the golfers favourite, Ham, eggs and chips, the prize presentation began. Keith James won the longest drive, VC Paul won the nearest the pin, missed the putt but doubled his score (on the fourteenth). Keith won third prize with 39 points, Bernie Ray must have thought he had walked it with 41 points but was fairly beaten even, with his penalties for very, very, very  slow play, by the winner Tony Britton with 43 points.

 Our next Away Day is at Broadway in October, don’t expect 43 points there. 

 Please come, it may be our last Away Day.

 Full results were,

1 T Britton 43 21
2 B Ray 41 18
3 K James 39 18
4 S Bryan 37 19
5 K Borer 36 19
6 B Griffin 36 17
7 McNally 36 16
8 R Pickering 35 17
9 M Lloyd 34 21
10 R Whitehouse 33 17
11 P Manger 32 18
12 M Gilbey 32 16
13 R Pedrick 31 17
14 D Gabbitas 31 15
15 Parham 31 15
16 C McTear 30 17
17 M Lunn 30 13
18 A Heatley 29 17
19 G Mexson 29 16
20 R Maudlin 29 12
21 N Burton 27 12
22 B Churchill 26 12
23 P Turner 26 11
24 R Cathcart 25 13
25 P Jamieson 25 13
26 Duxbury 23 12
27 P Steward 23 11
28 R Burton 21 11
29 J Gallagher 17 4
30 M Lovie 16 7
31 Hamilton NR  
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